What Do Our Clients & Course Attendees Say?

Our clients and course attendees have wonderful things to say about Joanna – here’s a sampling of feedback we’ve received:

Client Comments

“Joanna is the complete package – she can do it all.  From the day-to-day detail work to identifying improvement needs and developing strategy for the future, designing and delivering training to planning LMS upgrades and the associated validation work – if I need it, she can do it, and do it well.  She’s one of a kind!” – Director of Quality Systems, pharmaceutical company

“You were a great help.  Previously we had another consultant who just kept telling us that what we had put in place didn’t meet expectations – but you looked at what we had, then helped us to understand what else we needed, through explaining the detail of what the GMPs require. You gave us exactly the guidance we were looking for.” – Lab manager, startup contract testing lab

“You are the platinum standard for a course instructor! I’m totally impressed with your level of professionalism, your preparedness and your desire to identify and ensure the client gets what they need, even when they don’t necessarily know what that is themselves.” – Sales director, GxP training provider

“I can’t say enough about Joanna – how do you maintain this high level of enthusiasm for each class?” – L&D Manager, medical device company

“I pray you stay here!  You are such a pleasure to have in our training courses – not to mention the wealth of knowledge that you share with us!  Thank you!” – coworker/training attendee, generic pharma client

“Joanna has done an outstanding job of building the site’s Development & Training Team and advancing all the site’s learning and development needs.” – Head of Quality, biotechnology company

“I can’t thank you enough – you helped us build a solid base for training in the lab that will serve us for years to come. I’m thrilled with how robust our training program is turning out, and I know we wouldn’t have been able to create something this strong without your guidance and assistance.” – QC lab supervisor, CMO startup

“Your team was a great example of working together, cross functionally, to achieve a goal. We have a complete URS for the LMS, and a foundation at all of the sites to build upon. This team was a key enabler to make this a reality and we learnt much from this.” – Global Head of Training, multinational biotechnology company

“Your hard work will pay enormous dividends, as we are now much better positioned to execute our training strategy and improve our compliance position.” – Global Head of Training, multinational biotechnology company

“You have an impressive skill set and an ability to bring clarity out of confusion.” – Quality consultant, biotechnology company

“Your project is something that can be studied by the company and used as a model for future change.” – Quality consultant, biotechnology company

“Thanks for your energy and focus to drive this process forward. I could not have anticipated just how complicated this change would be. You’ve done a terrific job of pulling lots of different people together to get them to solve a challenge that has been very costly.” – Process owner for regulatory observation remediation, biotechnology company

“In all my years of seeing various different GMP training courses, yours demonstrate the best overall grasp of GMP and what it means on the floor and in practice.” – 25+ year Quality consultant, multinational consulting company

“We have a new corporate standard for training – Joanna!” – Head of Manufacturing, pharmaceutical CMO

“What a privilege to have been able to work with you!  You are truly amazing.  I love your combination of integrity, honesty, and professionalism and I will choose to be different because of what I have learned working with you.” – Training Manager, pharmaceutical CMO

“Thanks for being SO easy to work with – wish all consultants could be like you!” – Quality Systems Manager, clinical stage startup pharma company

“Joanna is one of the best GMP instructors around, if not the best.” – 40+ year industry veteran & quality consultant to pharmaceutical, medical device, PET drug companies

“This course has changed my life – I didn’t know if quality work was for me because it was so overwhelming, but through this course you’ve provided me enough understanding to show me the value of quality and given me enough confidence in my understanding of GMP that I know I can continue to learn what the requirements are.” – Boston University student

Client SitE Course Attendee Comments

“The session increased my awareness surrounding patient safety and made me realize how much difference one voice/one person can make.”

“The way this class was put together caused us to review GMP activities that needed to be reviewed, but the review was very entertaining and the game format made us try very hard to understand the content to win the game. It is by far the best refresher I have attended, both for learning and wanting to participate – it really made us think hard!”

“To me, the most valuable part of the program was the teamwork in developing the answer – no one knew all the answers, and the teamwork make it easier and more fun to contribute. This was easily the best GMP program I’ve ever attended.”

“You have done it – you’ve found a way to make refresher interesting. Congratulations!”

“Most valuable part to me was the complete overview of why we must do certain things. I have been with the company for 28 years, and I knew WHAT we needed to do – now I know WHY.”

“Everything was covered with real life examples. There was a lot to digest, but variety and mixing it up with activities kept it from getting boring, and it was able to keep my interest and attention. The informal approach made it relaxed and easier to learn.”

“Your outstanding presentation was both informative and entertaining. Thank you so much for sharing your time and experiences with us!”

“Great course, excellent presentations, high energy presenter. Exceeded my expectations – thanks for a great GMP course!”

“Your presentation got me excited about GMPs – which I won’t admit to too many people!”

Webinar Attendee Comments

“The instructor presented real life examples which were easy to relate in our own jobs. The course enabled us to review the areas where the FDA finds most issues to verify that we are in compliance.” – GMP Trends webinar attendee

“The information you provided could influence the direction we take to validate systems and enforce our own compliance.” – GMP Trends webinar attendee

“Emphasized that investigations should focus on HOW problem occurred and prevention.” – Root Cause Analysis webinar attendee

“I attended your Root Cause Analysis & CAPA Identification webinar on 12-Nov-2014. As a result, we are planning on overhauling our entire non-conformance system to incorporate some of the valuable information we learned in your seminar.”

“Fantastic job – people are saying yours was the best webinar they’ve attended in years.  Universally outstanding feedback!  Clearly you know what’s going on and you have your finger on the pulse of the industry.” – webinar producer

“Joanna sets the standard for webinars.”

“I liked the way Joanna went over the process/sequence of events and how we should approach problems should they occur.” – Root Cause Analysis webinar attendee