About Us

What Do We Do?

JGTA, LLC is a consulting business focused on GMP training in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries, in compliance with US and international regulatory requirements.

Our focus is training and performance – not training as an afterthought or an add-on to other services.  So you can be confident that our training solutions will be high quality, and up to instructional design standards.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your personnel are prepared and able to perform GMP tasks with the appropriate levels of knowledge and skills.

General consulting on training system needs & remediation of training process issues 

Auditing client training systems/processes/procedures and providing:

Recommendations for improvements

Improved materials (procedures, courses, etc.) that better meet compliance requirements & expectations

Mentoring of training personnel

Implementation/improvement of LMS processes

On-the-job training program design

Working with clients to provide guidance on how to best develop role-based curricula and structure competency-based training on operational tasks

Custom training design & delivery

Working with clients to assess training needs and provide custom training materials to fit those needs, including:

Regulatory training (initial and ongoing/refresher training on US & EU pharmaceutical, biotechnology & medical device regulations)

Technical/skill training (Root Cause Analysis, Critical Thinking, Investigations, SOP Writing, Train the Trainer, Aseptic, Inspection Readiness, etc.)

Custom training game/teaching activity development

Production of packaged training materials/activities

Design and development of basic courseware and/or learning activities that can be purchased for use (see our currently available materials in our online store)

What Makes Us Different?

Most training focuses on trainees knowing or understanding various pieces of content.

At JGTA, we do things a little differently.

We focus on applying content to actual operational situations and demonstrating how those situations fit into the bigger picture of what we do as an industry.

We have hands-on operational experience, and we use that information in our training – because we believe that experience provides a perspective that other training providers can’t.

We do this because while it’s good for people to know the content of the regulations and what they require, we believe it’s better for them to be able to put that knowledge into use in the things they do every day, building compliant behavior into a habit.

Or courses have attendees use what they learn in ways that are interactive, entertaining, and even fun and competitive!  But don’t let the element of fun fool you — we take compliance and performance very seriously.

The messages of the importance of what we do, why we do it, and each individual’s role in it come through in all of our courses, and we leave people feeling empowered, energized, and valued.

The comments from our attendees speak for themselves.  Click here to see for yourself what attendees have said about our courses.

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