You Bet! Game (QSR version)


You Bet! game kit (includes game board, box, instructions, player pieces, timers & question cards)


What is it?  

A multi-player/multi-team game intended for use in a classroom/instructor-led setting, to provide a review of basic medical device regulatory content.

Included in the game are questions on all subparts of the QSR, including design controls, and Medical Device Reporting (MDR) requirements for manufacturers.

How does the game work?

The game is based on a team answering a content question, and remaining teams determining whether or not their answer was correct.  Movement in the game is based on the accuracy of the teams’ answers.

Customize the content by adding in the Design Controls and MDR (for manufacturers) content for the audiences for whom it’s appropriate.

Play as teams or as individual players — a minimum of 3 individual players, or 3 teams of 2 players each, up to 4 teams of 5 players each!

What’s included?

18 x 18” printed game board

Instructions for gameplay & scoring

5 player pieces

Wagering chips

30 & 60 second timers

Over 150 questions, on printed cards (132 QSR, 16 design control & 20 MDR questions)


Please note:  We will do our best to keep copies of You Bet! in stock, but there may be a delay in shipping if we are awaiting a shipment from our printer.  You will be advised of shipping dates at the time of your order if we can’t fulfill it immediately.


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