Rules of GDP Activity


Zip file containing activity instructions and setup files


This activity works in reverse of the typical approach to teaching good documentation practices (GDP), and should be used with trainees who have had experience with documentation in GMP settings or who have previously learned GDP content in training, as it relies on that knowledge as the basis of the activity.

It can be used as a teaching tool or as a review/knowledge check, in both basic GMP training and/or refresher training situations. The activity requires 20-30 minutes to complete, and works best in sessions of 20 or less people.

In light of the MHRA releasing a data integrity guidance in January 2015, the activity has been updated to align with the terminology used by the MHRA.

The activity is provided as a downloadable zip file that includes the activity setup and facilitation instructions, instructions for content development, and presentation slides that can be used for the activity.


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