GMP Training Can Be Fun! (e-book version)


E-book (pdf) & companion set of content (zip file)


Think about the last time you went to GMP training. Were you excited? Were you even interested? Or did you go just to get it off your list of training requirements?  Now think about the people going to your training. Do they get excited about attending GMP training? Do they look forward to it? Are you excited about delivering it? Wouldn’t it be great if people were actually interested and excited about attending GMP training? Wouldn’t it be even better if they learned something that could be applied?

It is possible.  If you want to make your training more engaging, this e-book can help you make it happen.

This downloadable e-book will teach you ways to make your current training more engaging and interactive, and includes 19 ready to be used games, activities, and energizers, along with customizable materials for each. It will also guide you through the process of designing activities, so that you can design an activity any time you need one to make your training come alive!

What makes this product different?
1.  It is the only one of its kind.  This e-book takes a four-pronged approach to teaching you ways to make your training more engaging and interactive:

  • First, it includes 19 ready-to-use games, activities, and energizers — along with customizable materials in a companion zip file — that you can add in to existing courses right now.
  • Second, it teaches you how to design your own activities — on any topic — in the event that one or more of the included activities don’t fit the need you have.
  • Third, it will help diagnose what may be going wrong in your current training — and how to fix it!
  • And fourth, it describes how to deliver engaging training every time.

We know there are other books of GMP training activities, on training design, presentations skills and the like, but this is the only one we’re aware of that brings them all together with the intention of enabling you to provide GMP training that is fun and memorable for attendees — which directly affects the effectiveness of your training!

2.  It is the most cost effective option.  We benchmarked against other books of similar quality and GMP content, and found they ranged anywhere from $275 to $350.  At our price of $199, we provide more targeted content and supplies for less money.


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